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I wrote a post about it here, but long story short: It's an experiment in making an adventure game where you ride trains and visit weird train stations. Calm down, take your time and relax. Made with Jon Michael Aanes (Code) and Astrid Sonne (Music).

I coded and drew it all by myself at Exile Game Jam 2014 (Spring I think?). It's a sound-based labyrinth about a middle aged woman who masturbates in the shower. I think some people got pissed at me for making it. The sound was made by Aaran Topalian.

Both a wonderful project to work on for Nordic Game Jam 2014, and sort of disappointing that I didn't conceptualise the original idea of sharing every minute detail of your life. It's a top-down bear-murder game, where you get extra points for sharing your actions on social media, as an homage to how we are more social with our lose of privacy. I wanted an actual feed to constantly show your progress and artificial reactions to your posts. And as a total ultimate goal, I wanted the game to create gifs of your exploits. Oh well, I really love the bear-dying animation.
Art and design by me, Code, music and additional design by Kasper Brandt.

  • Radio (2013)
Result of a private jam with Nicolai Brobak again and Søren Andreasen. Not a lot got finished but, I gotta say, bouncing around on the planet was actually really amusing. We all designed together, I drew art assets in photoshop, Nicolai and Søren did coding, while Søren was trying to implement a procedual ambient sound system, which never made it into the game sadly.

Kissaten is perhaps the very first CBRPG [Coffee Brewing Role Playing Game].  The idea dawned on me because I've always had trouble enjoying the grind of Pokémon while at the same time replaying Pokemon Sapphire during and after Exile Game Jam, Autumn 2013.

I wanted a small, laborious game, not unlike the ethos of Japanese Role Playing Games, but where the labor of the player was appreciated by both the game itself and the player. I can only hope that players will enjoy spending 10-15 minutes discovering new coffee recipes and building new friendships with the odd creatures in the garden.

Art and design was by me, coding and design support was by Nicolai Brobak, with additional writing, art and design by Nils Sørensen.

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