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torsdag den 24. november 2016

The Big Short Game Conundrum pt. 2

I did some more thinking on this idea of a complete game experience in a short time span, without the game feeling shallow.

I thought about how there are some movie scenes you just want to go on forever. They can't, but like a good evening or a rainy morning, you feel like just remaining and soaking in the experience. That doesn't mean these moments are less valuable if they last just five minutes.

Perhaps in this idea is the key to giving the full joy of a game in two hours yet being something deeper. Imagine a game or a story as a line: Your experience moves along and you can't go back. the story moves on and you can't get less experienced or take back time given.

Now, on the line, mark the best scenes in the story. If the game is a line as well, these areas can be expanded. You don't have to move on from the good scenes, but if you do, you've still experienced a complete game. You can keep playing and getting better, finding new crooks and details.

I imagine a game with such a fast path. In this game, you can be done in two hours. You learned something new, got good at it, connected with the world and felt fulfilled. Or you have have found something bigger somewhere, that might make you go off on your own path. I'd like to make this sort of game.

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