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tirsdag den 17. december 2013

Exile Game Jam and Christmas Game Jam

Okay, real talk people!

Finally making games! In October I participated in Exile Game Jam which was one of the most amazing experiences ever. The high of being creative with so many likeminded people at once was completely unreal. I didn't really believe I had anything to offer but apparently I have.... a fucking lot to offer: design, little-bit of unity3d understanding, lots of pixel art and other drawing skills!

I convinced a cool guy, Nicolai Brobak, to help me make (program) a game around my thoughts about RPGs use of our time, especially Pokémon. It's a small coffee-making game where you have to make friends by giving them coffee. You discover the recipes yourself and since there is no sound, I recommend that you go find Miles Davis' Kind of Blue on youtube while you play it. Really sets the mood. Doing the making I shanghai'ed another guy, Nils Sørensen, to help with graphics, text and game design. W made an awesome team and the other participants thought we knew each other from before them jam since we just so in sync. Anyway, the game is called Kissaten and you can play it here:

Play Kissaten

You can play all the other participants game at Unicorn7. The build I linked to before is a little different, since I wanted the camera a little closer to the player, so you could savor my pixels :D

After making tons of friends at Exile, I managed to do a mini christmas game jam in my own apartment where me, Nicolai and awesome sound designer Søren Andreasen, did this, a game that didn't quite get a name:

I leave you with a gif of the astronaut's animation.

My next game jam is hopefully in January, but if not, I'm going to Nordic Game Jam in February.

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