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lørdag den 4. maj 2013

Star Command

Star command for iOS might have been overambitious in its kickstarter campaign but when I actually sat down and played it (four hour bus ride, woohoo!) it became obvious that it did its core combat right. The player hires some aliens, assigns them jobs in various parts of the ship's compartments and then flies off into the stars.

Then the fun starts. Encountering aliens results in ship skirmishes, where poor choices and unforseen fraligities of one's ship result in escalatingly frantic showdowns with marauding invaders.

Detrimental to the fun is the punishing cost of fuck-ups. As in the bridge is on fire and your engineer was vaulted into icy space while charging to the rescue, making it rather difficult to manage the increasing number of ant pirates

I enjoy the unforseen situations but have to acknowledge that the price of being a less-than-stellar captain is too high. I reload my save instead of enjoying my battle scars and casualties. I still have the memory of that wonderful battle that never happened.

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