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lørdag den 4. december 2010

iOS gaming 2: Kosmospin Again

You can hardly say that I communte a lot, so it isn't there I get to experience my iOS games. Still, I do find the time.

Kosmospin's characters and world are growing on me. Sure the characters are stereotypes (french person, british military man and so on). But they're cute and lively. Acquinting them in the actual levels and not just the menus though would definitely make them more alive.

And now we're at it, could they please eat some of all those dang treats I rescued? It seems like they just like hogging them from Ufo.

"Why won't you eat them, damnit!"

The meat of Kosmospin, the quests (or levels as we'd normally say) is not of a huge amount, but the difficulty, which is quite engaging and rewarding does make it last a while. Some of the objectives though, are a little cheap (gather 1000 points...!).

Perhaps the various levels could use some balancing. Often the constant bombardement of Ufo makes completing a task neigh impossible and quite frustrating. In those cases, there's nothing to do but make for failure, since there's still no restart button. It ends of meaning that the possibility of completeing a level is based solely on which random balls (and amount of them) that Ufo ends up hurling at the planet.

I don't know if I'll have more to say about Kosmospin, but I might. If not, there are still plenty of good iOS games to discuss.

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