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fredag den 3. december 2010

iOS gaming 1: Kosmospin

Seeing as I've always loved my mobile games and never had any issues with engaging in a story on a small screen, I do ever so hope that iOS gaming will eventually be more than cheap 5 minute thrills. Until then, Kosmospin falls neatly in-between the two.

The newest addition to my iOS games, is Kosmospin, by, if I'm not mistaken, Swedish developer Simogo (Simon + Gordon?).

Spin the planet to control Nod, the little character on the planet, to collect treats and deflect incoming balls from the menacing Ufo.

Lovely music and breathing visuals with a bit of written humour. I just hope they create a new icon. This one is just to plain to do the game justice.

Besides an endless mode, there are also a bunch of small objective based levels, with more to come.

Bounce various spheres back to Ufo

What is important about this game, is that Kosmospin, besides being a good game overall, is a very fine example of a touchscreen game. The little spin move that the game consists of, and the sliding-of-finger motion that the player performs is as natural and unintrusive as the core iOS systems normally are.

Before iOS gaming can become truly great, as few games do even today, a common understanding and acceptance of what works for input and play is needed. Kosmospin definitely has this and I hope Simogo's next game, on a yet unrevealed platform, will continue their touchscreen success.

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